The Calvin Peete Awards were established in 2012. These awards are bestowed upon young golfers and hunaitarians who embody the same drive, humility, and fight that Calvin Peete worked so hard to build during his epic career. Calvin Peete made it very clear that he cared dearly about our youth. Each year he was able to become a mentor, coach and extended family to the award recipients. Past recipients include Mariah Stackhouse, Amari “Tigress” Avery and Nicholas Gibson. The Awards Dinner and Golf Outing was first held in October 2012 with Judge Greg Mathis as our honorary guest. Each year, colleagues and guests had the pleasure of sharing laughter and time on the golf course with Calvin Peete. Our legend is still with us in spirit and we hope to continue celebrating his legacy. This event is a time to honor Calvin Peete and acknowledge chosen award recipients.

Calvin Peete Awards